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Fall Formals and Halloween on a Budget ?

Fall wedding invites are starting to hit mailboxes and if you’re one of the lucky ones who made the A-list, it’s time to start shopping for fall wedding outfits. However, we’ve noticed that unless otherwise noted, fall wedding guest attire tends to be on the formal side. Since plummeting temps make way for glamorous dress styles, expect a “black tie” notation on those invites. But this doesn’t mean you have to take out a loan just to be a good-looking guest. Here are four easy tips on how to shop for fall wedding attire that will save you big bucks or make the most of a big purchases.

1. Shop Fast Fashion Brands

Some of your go-to brands for everyday looks can really come through with luxe-looking fall cocktail dresses. La Merchandise and Milano have a fabulous selection of fall evening dresses in both straight and plus sizes. And if you want to take the crash course What To Wear to a Fall Wedding 101, the answer is always a flowing style. It’s dramatic without getting too flashy or fussy.

2. Get the Loved

Remember that it doesn’t have to be most expensive in order to be a show-stopper. With Lucci Lu, you can even rock a designer look often for $350.00 or less. There style 8113 gown in burgundy is a perfect example. This is also a fantastic option for designer lovers with fall evening dresses.

3. Shop Investment Pieces

So you’ve got a taste for high end. Don’t worry. It’s not a crime! Just keep in mind that while you are shopping for a special occasion, it doesn’t have to be the only occasion your purchase will ever see. When shopping go for timeless cuts. Find something that fits your body like a glove, makes you feel unstoppable and will not fall prey to passing trends. Avoid those prints! Solids can fit more easily into any soirée.

3. Dress Up Your Own Basics

Every woman should own a little black dress. If you already have one, now is the perfect time to break it out and score some stunning statement accessories to make it wedding worthy. A jeweled bib necklace like this masterpiece from Mariell is an instant upgrade for any neckline. You can also shop amazing, budget-friendly jewelry pieces. Find the perfect pair of shoes and a clutch from Benjamin walk, then you’re all set to dance the night away knowing everyone thinks you spent a fortune on your look. Secrets are fun, aren’t they?

Fun Formal Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are scrambling for costume ideas, but not to worry, here are a few options from your neighborhood Tuxedo Specialists:

James Bond – One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about a sharp-looking costume, 007 is a great way to go. First off, you’ll look great. Second, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself all night with an unobstructed outfit, fit for dancing and partying. Depending on who your favorite Bond is, you have a few options:

Connery : You can go with a traditional black tuxedo, or a white dinner jacket, but always remember the bow tie and martini glass!

Daniel Craig: Order a Midnight Blue Shawl Lapel from Classic Tuxedos, flat front shirt, and black bow tie, and you’re the new Bond!

Secret Service Agent – Among the easiest to pull off, all you’ll need is a black suit or tuxedo, simple, conservative tie, white dress shirt, a pair of simple ear-bud.

MIB (Men in black) or Agent Smith – The same outfit as above, slim black tie, and boxy 90’s sunglasses. Greet everyone as “Mr. Anderson” or be the best "Agent J" you can.

The Most Interesting Man in the World – This one is great because of the level of comfort, and all the fun quotes you can recite throughout your evening. Any sort of tuxedo can work for this outfit, just leave the bow-tie untied, and your top button (or two) of your shirt undone.

The Penguin – Wear a tailcoat with a purple bow tie and a top hat, find yourself a cigarette holder, monocle, and umbrella. Go for an extra large puff on your pocket square for this one.

Duck Dynasty – Wear a Camo tuxedo from Classic Tuxedos and an American Flag bandanna, beard and long haired wig.

Barney Stinson – Wear a suit with a slim tie, add a pocket square, and learn some cheap magic tricks and cheesy pick-up lines.

Ted Mosby – Wear a tux, undo the top button on your wing collar shirt, let the bow tie hang, and carry your yellow umbrella, tell your kids about your awesome, yet simple costume.

Charlie Chaplin – Get a bowler, suit jacket (one size too small), suit pants (one size too big), a mustache, and a cane. Be careful swinging the cane around!

Dumb and Dumber (Harry and Lloyd) – Get in early to order the orange and powder blue tuxedos the goofballs wore in the movie.

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