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Why choose us?

You may ask yourself what makes us different from any other Formal Wear stores? To answer this question the best way possible for you, You are never a quick sale or just a number or to us. We strive to treat our customers like close friends and family, To ensure we give you the best advice and help that we can. Like as see below from some of our previous blogs:

When to wear and how to wear it.


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A frequently asked questions that I get all the time at the formal wear shop is "What do I need for my black-tie affair" Simple, right? A black tie and a tux. Might not be that easy.

When looking for formal wear for your black-tie event, you must take into consideration the entire outfit. The coat, pants, shirts, tie, pocket square and accessories.

To: The Grooms Part

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Think of the bride.

a letter or a gift. Or both. Send both. She's your best friend and soon to be life partner. After all the planning, stress, and probably a few tears, this morning is your first and best opportunity to remind her that's what matters most.

Or even: Buying Online

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When it comes to your wedding day, your word goes. Whatever venue you want, you should fight to get. Do you want to serve comfort food instead of the usual boring chicken breast? That’s all up to you. But when it comes to your bridesmaid dresses, you’ve got other people’s opinions to consider. Sure, it’s your big day and you’ve probably had a dream wedding party image in mind since you were young, but we also want to make sure our best people look and feel great—it is a celebration after all. So it’s important to consider your group of gals and their comfort levels when you shop for bridesmaid dress styles.

At American Tuxedo and Bridal, we will make sure your wedding is the way you wanted it to be. We have experience in dealing with all of the details to ensure your event is a complete success! Our employees will do everything that you would expect other's to do, and more!

Perks of Having an Our staff Include but not limited to:

• Preferred Rates with vendors.

• Your dream wedding can be created within your budget.

• No need to run around, and visit other shops time after time.

• No last minute pick up's and drop off's of wedding's outfits etc.

• Your event will be on-time as we meet the deadlines for your date.

• A Go-To person is always available on the day of your wedding

We will save you enough money in booking all of your wedding needs with us, that our Wedding Packages end up saving you money for your dream honeymoon. We are like no other company, in the sense that we can relate to our customers and the traditions that go on with events.

Call today and make your appointment with Myself Jon David or any other of the talented staff members. (615) 262-4528

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