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Gentlemen should use Accessories?

Walk into any women’s clothing store and the first thing you will notice is the abundance of accessories created to match a wide variety of outfits. Frequently a woman can completely change her appearance by retaining the same base clothing but switching her accessories. Handbags, shoes, belts, earrings, bracelets, watches, and so on all may be mixed and matched to attain a different look without ever changing the basic blouse and pants worn with them.

Gentlemen should be no different. Why throw away your suits? If a gentleman begins with a certain jacket and shirt, he may still present different looks through the use of color-coordinated pocket squares, socks, neckties, shoes, and even cuff-links.

A gentleman should strive to stand out from the rest of the crowd. He does this not by loud behavior or garish dress, but by dressing a notch above the rest. Consider the illustration of birds: in the springtime, one may stroll down the street and observe dozens of different species of birds. All of them are fun to observe, and no one bird is inherently better than the others, yet when one spots a fiery cardinal, one’s eye is drawn and captured by the bright plumage. Likewise with the peacock: one cannot help but be captivated by the colorful plumes sported by these beautiful birds.

A gentleman may be confident, capable, and intelligent, yet if he is wearing the same drab greys, browns, and black/white combinations as everyone else, then he goes largely unnoticed and his finer qualities remain hidden. On the other hand, take that same gentleman and add a vibrant blue tie and vest with a matching pocket square and some funky color socks, and suddenly he is the center of attention and has the opportunity to impress others with his sophisticated manner and pleasant conversation.

American Tuxedo strives to provide today’s gentleman with everything he needs to look dapper. By paying attention to the small details of matching accessories, we assist you in setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Browse our ties and vest to find one that perfectly matches your new shoes. Or perhaps you have a fine silk tie that needs the perfect tie clip to emphasize its vibrant hues. If you know you need to match your accessories, but you are unsure where to start, come see our new Dynamic Sets. Whatever your need, we have something at American Tuxedo to help you present yourself as the gentleman you are.


Todays Gentlemen Men are evolving, and their needs are ever changing.

More than ever, men are more conscious about their wardrobe and their overall appearance. Attention to detail is precisely what sets a gentleman apart from just any man. Chances are that the more detailed he gets about his attire, the more detail and care he is apt to put into the rest of his life, as well. The modern gentleman has every part of grooming process considered. From the body wash, shampoo, to cologne all the way through the hair products they wear. Each part of the process shows the attention to detail, and the personality of the man involved. It is all about the overall appeal that the modern gentleman can create. There is a need to look dapper through being well-groomed and well dressed, smell nice so as to feel more confident about themselves and to catch the attention of those around, to pull off the look.

“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else”

The suit, shirt, shoes, vest and tie are the most important and visual representations that a man can offer. Matching these items properly shows a lot of attention to detail, but for most modern gentlemen, the details are in the accessories. Each of the accessories must accentuate his presentation. There should be a consideration about his pocket square to his vest, cufflinks and tie clips, and even the color of his socks. Each of these items should be carefully matched to the clothing and the occasion.

The modern gentleman’s attention to how he does his hair, shaves his face, and carries himself is what sets them apart from the average guy. The choices between colors, materials, patterns and jewelry can make dressing and getting ready frustrating and confusing, but with American Tuxedo we have made this process an easy one. American Tuxedo makes sure that the design of each piece to fulfill the unique needs of the modern gentleman while simultaneously making it effortless, without the effortless look.

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