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I get asked occasionally questions about an “New slick looking styles or new cool looks for men” with my own knowledge of men's fashion, because of being in the formalwear and mens fashions for so long , I can answer this in many ways

But I'll keep it short and simple naming the most popular.


Classic style is definitely always in style and some try to change it like- with a generous pinch of hipster thrown in. Many lose the jacket for vest or suspenders look. Its a great mix for outside photography with a twist. But, .With being a photographer myself these styles are cool but not really for formal events. Classic black jacket, black trousers, white shirt and black bow tie is always on the mark.


These gentlemen are updating fairly sporadically styles and Pick trend to be on the high-end and rugged side just released items, which will be perfect for many young men looking to up their style game.


The description says it all: “For instance a student attempt to acquire an keen sense of style with items that cost less without looking obtuse.” He would be heavy on the preppy style maybe like with a tweed jacket or sweater.


Is about men’s style, and with resources on mastering a small but classic wardrobe and transitioning from everyday to dressed up, These are worth the investment making a wise choices in the purchase.. Such as suit jacket, tie, and slacks or jeans.


Dappered look aims to help men to look and feel stylish without urging them toward Armani suits. A very fitted and pressed look that you would have to buy and see a seamstress for the final fit. Good thing about this you can get very nice suits under $300.00. I can honestly say neat and trim in your dress appearance is always the way to go for a wedding or formal event.


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