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Wedding Dress Accessorizing

Christy bought her wedding dress recently. It’s simple, flowy and very Grace Kelly looking. And while it’s simplicity is what makes it so pretty, Christy would like to spice it up a bit with some pretty accessories. But she doesn’t want to overdo it. I suspect many of you are feeling her accessories pain. Which ones do you choose? How much is too much? So many questions!

Lucky for Christy, we have adorable crafty wedding merchandise, offered to help. Christy provided these guideline: “I love big jewelry and shiny/funky things, but done tastefully. I just never know the right balance … i.e., should I have a veil, earrings, bracelet and necklace with sparkle or is just earrings and a bracelet right?” In addition, she OK’d the color pink and prefers gold over silver. So we decided to go with an rose gold.

Necklace (Mariell)

With this type of gown, you want to find a focal point for the accessories without taking away from the simple elegance of the gown. Instead of a pearl necklace, I opted for something more fun and glamorous. Since Christy is willing to play with color, and pops of color are all the rage this season, I dove right in and found an amazing necklace I think she will love! This pink statement necklace incorporates vintage repurposed brooches, a brilliant pink and glamour. (style 400n-rg)

Veil ( Mariell)

This one was tricky. I planned a wedding a few weeks ago and I was aware of the vast majority of veil options. I am still happy with what I chose (a mid-length bridal veil — the same one my mother wore on her wedding day), but having a few options for Christy to choose among would help her make a decision. With the statement necklace as our focal point for the accessories, I wanted to make sure the veil wouldn’t cover up her face and the necklace too much. (style 3771v)

Earrings (Mariell)

For earrings, I wanted to find a simple but elegant pair that would complement the necklace. I selected a pear-shaped drop earring. I think this pair accentuates the necklace itself without looking over-accessorized. (style 400e-rg)


I opted for no bracelet with this look. With the necklace as the focal point and a pair of stunning earrings, plus Christy brilliant wedding ring that she’ll be showing off on the wedding day, no bracelet is needed.

Sash (Da Vinci)

To accessorize the gown itself I thought a dress sash would be perfect. I spotted this beautiful sash, which features pink lace and crystals.


I always emphasize the use of handmade flowers for brides who aren’t particularly set on fresh flower bouquets. This bouquet, in particular, is a favorite of mine because it looks so real! Gorgeous, handcrafted blooms with rhinestones for added sparkle.

Clutch (Mariell)

A bride needs a clutch for all the wedding day essentials, like lipstick, breath mints, bobby pins, aspirin and more. This clutch features a rhinestone brooch to complement the rhinestones in the statement necklace, while lending a bit of pink in the inside lining. (style 3817eb-ch)

Shoe (shoe Benjamin walk style Abby 837)

Clips Every girl can use custom shoe clips! Christy can wear these on her wedding day and reuse them forever after. I selected two options — one that I felt complemented the sash with a rhinestone center and another with a bit more bling. This way, she has two definite options when selecting her bridal shoes, to see which one would work best. (style 4243 Mariell clip )

Garter (Mariell)

A garter with lace, a bit of pink and a gorgeous rhinestone brooch is the perfect garter for Christy. it is feminine and sweet, with just a hint of lace. For that softer look.

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