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5 Prom Perfection Tips

Prom season is nearly upon us once more, and as providers of the most beautiful Prom Dresses in East Nashville, American Tuxedo are definitely seeing more and more beautiful young ladies getting ready for their end of year prom.

We also know how stressful prom dress shopping can be. We’ve put together this short guide to make prom dress shopping more fun.

Be Open Minded

Don’t come in to the shop with a single style in mind, it may not look as perfect as you thought it would when you see it in real life. Different dresses suit different girls. Our body shapes are all different and you might be pleasantly surprised to love a style that you hadn't previously considered. All dresses look totally different when they're on your body than they do when they are on a hanger.

Please believe me, the dress that you have seen on an Instagram model will very likely look completely different in real life. We've had many girls, over the years, come in to our shop in tears because the dress they ordered from a random website either hasn't arrived or looks nothing at all like the photo they bought it from!

Let the Experts help you out

The staff in America Tuxedo aren’t just here to sell prom dresses, we are here to help you choose the perfect gown to make you feel like a Princess or Queen. We don't mean to 'blow our own trumpet' as the saying goes, but we have been doing this for many years so we have a good idea of what works. We are perfectionists and we want you to look perfect, after all it looks good for our shop if you look good! We are happy to spend more time with you to ensure that we find you the perfect dress.

We will be able to tell you what styles and fabrics will suit your body, just by looking at you, and even if we pick out a dress that you really don’t like, give it a go. You never know, it might look fabulous on you!

Bring in Your Shoes

If you have decided on heels or flat shoes, bring the shoes (or a similar pair if you haven’t bought them yet) along with you when you are shopping.

Doing this allows you to see how the dress will fall when you wear the style of shoes that you have decided on.

We have shoes in the shop that you are welcome to borrow whilst trying on dresses, but bringing your own can often make you feel more comfortable.

Consider Your Skin Tone

You will need to consider the tone of your skin when it comes to choosing a dress. Don't worry though, we can help you with this!

As a general rule if you have a lighter complexion, you will want to stay away from super light colours such as white, as they can make you look washed out.

Listen to Yourself

Ultimately, it’s your prom and your decision when it comes to choosing your perfect dress. Everybody has their own personal style, and even though it’s good to take the advice and opinions of family and friends, it’s ultimately your decision. Don’t let people pressure you to buy a dress that you don’t feel comfortable in; you will be the one wearing it for the whole night, not them!

We hope that some of these tips have helped disperse some of your prom dress panic. Prom dress shopping can be a fun, exciting experience, and doesn’t need to be plagued by stress. If you would like to know more about any of the prom dresses in our collection, feel free to contact us by calling 615-262-4528 and we will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Thank you for reading,

We hope to help you dress for Prom this year and make it one of your most memorable experiences in your life.

Lots of love from American Tuxedo and Bridal Your prom Headquarters.

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