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BridesMaid Styles

Bridesmaids dresses have become very creative over the past few years, and from crop tops to mix-and-match to vintage, pretty much anything goes! Your bridesmaids dresses will very much set the tone of your day, so it’s important to really consider if you want a laid-back, bohemian summer’s day feel, or a classic, formal, occasional-feel to your day and allow your bridesmaids dresses to establish your theme.

With so much variety available, bridesmaids dresses will come in every shape and form in 2019, but there are some trends we can see emerging and dominating next year. Here’s seven of our faves…

1. Beading Beautiful

Beautiful beaded gowns were the bridesmaid dresses of 2016, and will continue to be hugely popular with Irish brides and bridesmaids next year. This style is for a more formal feeling wedding, and looks great as a mix and match in neutral shades. The style is perfect for an autumn or winter wedding.

2. Magic Mismatched

Another massive trend in bridesmaids in 2017 that will continue well into 2018 is the mismatched look. This is a fab style for almost any type of wedding – formal maids can go for chiffon, lace and sequins, and more satin style maids can throw caution to the wind and wear whatever takes their fancy! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mix and match, so just build your inspiration, chat to your girls and work out what works best for you!

3. Separates that are Stunning

Separates for bridesmaids have been an alternative trend for a while now, with many summer brides opting for crop tops and lace skirts, or gorgeous sequin skirts and simple tees. The separates look however isn’t the easiest to pull off, and if it’s too fussy or the bridal party is quite large, it can look a bit scatty. Try to stick to neutrals if you go for this look, ivory on ivory, blush on blush, navy on navy, and add some embellishment to either the skirt or top.

4. Sparkle Full On

Ah shimmering sequins, if ever there was a time to don one of these eye-catching gowns it’s surely a wedding – right?! We’re loving the look of maids in full sequin for a winter wedding, or the maid of honour standing out from the others with a bit of extra bling. There are plenty of designers with full-on sparkles in their collections for 2018, so getting your hands on a few shouldn’t be too tough a challenge. For full gold or silver sequin gowns that look a million dollars check out oursite who has a range of full sequin gowns.

5. One-Shoulder Sexyness

One shoulder dresses are a gorgeous way to wear something a little bit different, but completely classic and timeless. Most bridesmaids collections for 2018 have featured at least one one-shoulder gown in their range and used it as a chance to add some gorgeous embellishments. The trick with one shoulder gowns is to get your undergarments right of course. A good strapless bra can do wonders, but if one of the girls has a bigger bust this might not be comfortable, so bear that in mind before you pay your deposits!

6. Capped Cute sleeves

Capped sleeves are a trend everyone can get on board with, and we’re loving seeing the style popping up in bridesmaid collections for 2018. Cute capped sleeves are a great way to feel a little less exposed but without the fussiness of long sleeves or shawls getting in the way. We know your bridesmaids will love you for this one!

7. Glam Vintage wonderfulness

Anytime we see a gorgeous vintage style bridesmaid squad, we fall head over heels. These embellished gowns are great for a bit of glamour, but a little more subdued than full sequins or beading and we’ve seen it pop up in a number of gorgeous real weddings over the last few months – and can’t wait to see even more next year! One thing’s for sure about these gowns is your maids will definitely find an occasion to wear them again at – which they’ll be more than happy about once the day’s over!

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