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I do to Cosplay?

Imagine you are performing a wedding and the bride and groom roll up in a Hawkman and Woman-inspired wedding. Extravagant props like this have become the centerpieces of themed weddings, which have seen a marked rise in popularity in recent years. Themed weddings reflect a blend of fantasy, science-fiction, comic books, et cetera, with cosplay culture (a style of performance art which involves donning costumes inspired by popular entertainment).

Avengers weddings have become the prototypical themed wedding, due largely to the film franchise’s mammoth influence in popular culture. Robert chose the science-fiction epic as the theme for their wedding. ” The groom suited up in a Captain America costume, the bride wore a Sharon Carter and, the wedding officiant donned Ironman. Pictures and statues of Avengers characters like Hulk, Spiderman, and Black Widow completed the concept.

Themed weddings are not limited to commercial giants like Avengers, however. Comic books are a favorite, Superman, X-Men, and The Punisher dominating the scene. Nor are they limited to the world of space-ships, aliens, and laser guns, with fantasy and role-playing games also among the most popular. TV series Marvels Shield, Hinata Hyuuga & Naruto Uzumaki Naruto, Dungeons and Dragons, and Akio And Sanae Furukawa - CLANNAD have all been incorporated into the holy rite of matrimony. Such imaginative, theatrical ceremonies have become so popular that some wedding planners say that up to 30% of their business involves themes.

Weddings aren’t just an opportunity to celebrate your love for each other in front of friends and family – they hold such great creative potential, it’s almost irresistible to go all out on a theme. Finding a theme to tie together the personalities and histories of the happy couple can be a tough one, but when they are done well it makes the day all the more memorable.

I say enjoy your wedding and do what feels right for you and your mate, whether yours is a classic themed wedding or like Cinderella or even Superman themed have fun and "Cosplay on".

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